Figuring out everything in The Atlas Pursuit is challenging; at least it was for Pat and me. But there’s help. Part of the experience is figuring things out for yourself, so I’m not going to tell you the solutions. But I’ll do my best to guide you if you’re stuck.

~ Settings Test ~

Most people just want a way to check if they have the correct Enigma settings. I’ve created a page that will allow you to test whether each individual setting is correct.

Here’s why this is so helpful:

~ To decode a message using the Enigma machine, you have to have all four settings (Rotor Order, Rotor Setting, Starting Position, and Plugboard Setting) exactly right.

~ If they are not all right, the text you’ll receive will be gobbledegook. If that happens, it’s difficult to know which of your settings are correct and which are not.

~ The Settings Test allows you to test each individual setting so you know which ones need adjusting.

~ All you have to do is type in the letters or numbers you have for any of the settings, and the Settings Test will immediately tell you if it is correct.

Just follow these steps:

1. Pay $10 via PayPal at this link:

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2. Go to the Settings Test page. The password for the Settings Test page is the merchant’s e-mail address in the PayPal receipt you will receive once you have paid.

~ For Hire ~

If you would like more help, I’m available for hire. For $25, I will answer your questions via e-mail. This is my rate for up to half an hour of my time (which does not have to be consecutive) spent responding to your questions. This payment also gives you access to the Settings Test.

Just pay via PayPal and then contact me using the form below. I’ll do my best to respond quickly, but obviously I am not available 24/7.

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

If you would like to schedule a specific time for me to be available to answer your questions via phone or e-mail, or you would like me to accompany you in person, contact me below to arrange times and fees.

– David Wise

~ Contact David Wise ~

You can use the form below to contact me. But if you are looking for help, please pay via PayPal.  A detective’s gotta eat.